Have you heard the big chicken news around the farm? Our family farm neighbors, Bath Family Farm just received their Cornish Cross Chicks this week! Did you know the Cornish Cross breed is the same you eat from the grocery store?

Meet Kate Bath, she is extremely excited to help raise your poultry meat. The Bath Family uses agriculture regenerative practices too. They do an amazing job raising your pasture raised eggs and poultry meat! Hormone free, antibiotic free, pasture raised poultry meat will be ready in approximately 8 weeks. Naturally raised chicken straight from the family farm!

Healthy new baby chicks made their arrival this week. Drinking water here in the picture above.

#tennesee #meatbird #babychicks

Baby chicks need a heat lamp for approximately 3 weeks to adjust.


Kate has many jobs around the farm, but she enjoys caring for the chicks!

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